New strategy and character support

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New strategy and character support

Post  fhantom on Mon Jul 27, 2009 12:27 am

In other words FAQ.

Last week some of us went to woe on thursday and something happened, honestly it happened again. It was inevitable, there's nothing much we can do but ignore the problem and Janet[GM/GL] has come up with a solution for woe by following thugs concept during woe thus from there they grow with different strategy. This will probably help our success in attaining a guild house without alliances.

Remind you that Janet is just giving a solution and it is up to you if you wish to follow this concept. It is not a rule but a different strategy which I personally hope that everyone would at least give it a try.

The stratergy is to concentrate on breakers and to have support with only 2 characters.
SG [Star Gladiator]
HP [High Priest]

that's it. Star gladiator and High Priest is the stratergy given during last weeks briefing.

I have alredy made my HP [Medikit] and Janet a.k.a [P]adora has changed the GL paladin to SG. I wish that everyone will try to participate.

Because not everyone knows how most of the characters are built at best including me; I hope this thread can help us build a proper SG/HP:

What I mean by support is:
+ Characters best required equipments.
+ Character best stats for either defense position or offense.
+ Character best armor sets when facing other class character.
+ Other information that will assist our guild members during woe.

If there is any doubt, the floor is open for questioning.


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Re: New strategy and character support

Post  SweetJanet on Mon Jul 27, 2009 11:38 am

Thanks fhantom i relly appreicate of what you have done.
and i am actually agreed with your comment :]

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Re: New strategy and character support

Post  fhantom on Tue Jul 28, 2009 2:47 pm

Thanks Janet. Hell of a day today.

Anyway, sweeping the past aside;

Im posting up a guide for priest taken directly from blackout gaming forums by the claimed master priest during his time on BRO should anyone ask where I got it. His name is Kentou. This is just a guidance for those who did not register for Black out forums. Again, this is not mine, it belongs to Kentou and if anyone wants to thank him you can go here

Kantou wrote:
Str : 200 just Weight
Agi : All excess you need flee to counter SBK or Finger Offensive and Shield Chain
Vit : 308
Int : 424
Luk : 293


Upper Head:3
Ex Pika For Melee Combo / Nx Sage
Ex Band 10% demihuman resistance plus slot
Holy Essence 10% holy Light Dmg, 5% demi-human Redux , 5%increase heal effectiveness
Card: Basco

Middle Head:
Ex 3Ds with Basco
Just use 3D.. You Dont need xmed you can heal anyway.

Lower Head:
Ex Devi Wings with basco
Ex Retribution Wing w/ basco
Nx Sage Auto Cast Lightning Bolt

Valk Armor with Tao , GR and Angeling Card
Glittering Jacket with elemental armors

+10 Spike [2] [LOD + Weapon Strip]
+10 Spike [2] [Stormy Knight + Valk Radgris]

+10 Orleans Server with maya
+0/4 Valk shield with Thara
+8 Stong shield with GTB

+9 Wool Scarf [Jakk Card]
+9 Wool Scarf [Devi Card]
+9 Wool Scarf [Raydric Card]
+9 Wool Scarf [Noxious Card]

+9 Tidals with Dark Lord
+9 Tidals with Amon Ra

Rosary[1] with Alligators Card
Rosary[1] with Wikebine Tres Card
Ring Of Resonance For Auto Tarot and Slowing Enemy by quagmire

Any class with angeling armor
- Pikas and scrolls or Melee them then Strip Armor then Spam Holy Light

- Its Easy. Just Use MayaCard Then Spam Heal to you Then Phuema bcoz some ninja use kunai throw

Finger Offensive / Asura Champs
- Kyrie + Safety Walls.. And Dont Forget .. Use Strong Shield

Asura Spam Champs
- Just use GR + assumptio for the 1st Asura blow then Kyrie that's miss

Lord Knights
- Simple if you can keep them at Aspersio Them then Kyrie , lots of healing and Holy Light Spamming or Lightning Bolt for Angeling armor.

High Priests
- uhm Some priest now Use Coma and Asura to figth them Just Use GTB then use Strip armor.. when the armor Strip use Coma+Asura+Auto Cast LightningBolt..

Or they may die my Tarot because of Ring of Resonance

- Shield Chain or Sacrifice Just use Kyrie then use Holy Armor incase of GC

- Desperado will possibly kill you. So Use GR then Melee Them then Strip Weapon and its done..

Star Gladiators
- always use Kyrie and phuema and use Holy Armon then Aspersio them.. then use Holy Light , Lightning Bolt..

- no really threat but depends on player

Assassin Cross (impossible to kill you except EDP coma)

- uhm i can tank magic when im strip.. btw use magnum Break..

- use Maya Card while you heal

High Wizards
- use Strong Shield with GTB to combat the SG knock around effect and hopefully just go to town lolz
- some use the single target spells to switch to the maya shield if this occurs

- Pneuma + kyrie and spell spam

- Careful with Tarot of Fate use GTB and they cant coma you and then spam spells

Btw my Guide is defend to you... Just practice.. gOod Ping is Better.. uhm..

And Lots of focus... And dont forget your Job in WOE.. BUFFS ALL ...

Quited.. Blackout RO Deleted

there has been some debate about his armors and such but I suggest some who wishes to become priest give this one a try.

As for SG I hope Janet and shock can help the rest with it. This may be a short guide but it teches the basics.

Have a nice day peeps.


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Re: New strategy and character support

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